Video Analysis – Seeing is Believing

By March 24, 2020 Uncategorized

So during these very strange and unknowing times I have been brought back to my very neglected web site and blog. I am constantly nagged by my dear husband for not moving with the times, but basically I love being outside with my clients and their horses not sat at a desk (also a slight techno phob).

But you will all know I do regularly video you all and send them to you to view. This tool is so invaluable and I always appreciate myself when one of my long suffering friends comes to a clinic or competition and is able to video for me. All high level sports people from a variety of disciplines use video analysis and it is so very helpful to all of us for many reasons.

The first and the most important is that it never ever looks as bad as it feels. This realisation is brilliant at giving us all confidence that actually we can do it, and we are not making an absolute plonker of ourselves!

The next is that we can relate what we are feeling when riding to what we are seeing. This is best done either instantly within a training session or straight after whilst fresh in the riders mind. This can work in two ways, either when it feels nice/good we realise actually things need disturbing (my dear trainer Andrews favourite word) or actually when we feel its not as good its actually a positive disturbance to produce a better way of going. If we don’t disturb things our riding and the horses way of going stagnates and we do not improve in our riding skills and the horse does not develop a better way of going.

The last is that we learn to self evaluate (urrhhh I even hate saying it) and reflect which is so incredibly important when training ourselves and our horses. The ability to look at the good and the bad points is so important. A little secret I will share is as I drive away from a lesson with my lovely clients I always think, How did it go? Did I communicate effectively? Was the exercise appropriate for the horse and rider? Did it achieve what I intended? and then I start to plan what I could do better next time.

Many of you I teach do this already, probably without realising! When I come to teach you, you may say to me , well I practised and this was good but I could not quite get this quite right, bingo! You did it right there. The ability to evaluate accurately when riding, I believe is more important than other sports as we deal with a whole living animal, and the need for us to control our emotions is essential to think logically and calmly.

So I challenge you firstly either with or without video, evaluate your performance after each time you ride. You can do it by yourself with a partner or friend or write it down? Secondly view my video of my first British Dressage test with my young cob and pick a good point and some thing we need to improve and then next time I will share my analysis of the video and we can compare.

Take care, stay safe, Lots of Love Christine and Wallace the Supercobalob x

Christine Gay and Wallace 18th March 2020